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One to One

A one-to-one course offers you more flexibility with times to fit your schedule or to change a date for any unforeseen reasons. You will also have my ongoing support through the rest of your pregnancy. 

This course will cover:

  • The psychology of birth. How your mind affects labour and how to work with your birthing hormones.

  • The basic physiology of birth. What happens during each stage of labour to your body and your baby. 

  • An understanding of any fears you have around childbirth, the impact they have and how to release them.

  • Breathing techniques, visualisations and MP3s to practice with and help you feel calm and relaxed during labour. 

  • An evidenced based look at the pros and cons of interventions and how to make informed decisions.

  • An understanding of your pain relief options both natural and pharmacological and and all of your birth place options. 

  • You will leave the course with 3 birth plans A B and C. I firmly believe in feeling completely confident going for the birth that you envisage but also knowing all of your options and feeling confident should your birth take a different path. This ensues that all of your birth preferences are voiced and respected regardless of the path birth takes.  

  • An understanding of the biomechanics of birth, what positions are helpful during pregnancy and your birth to help labour go smoothly. Practices such as using the Rebozo during pregnancy and labour.

  • Meditation and  mindfulness practices are weaved into the course which I believe is beautifully beneficial to both labour, birth and parenting. 

You will receive:

  • 8 hours of Hypnobirthing course in person over 4 weeks or online if that is preferable to you.

  • A client manual to refer to throughout pregnancy plus lots of additional resources including positions to use for an efficient labour or if labour stalls. 

  • 4 Hypnobirthing MP3s sent to you to start using straight away during pregnancy. 

  • Beautiful Hypnobirthing affirmation cards to use daily and pop up around your surroundings.

  • Access to me and support throughout your pregnancy and up until the birth should you have any questions or need any reassurance.

  • I love to hear all about your experience and seeing a pic of your beautiful little one once they are Earthside!

  • Goodie bag of free gifts for you to enjoy just because! 

The total cost is £350 per couple

This course can be held either at Cocoon in Holmfirth, or from the comfort of your own home.

Call or email me to book:

07825 687 643 

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